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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Infant Care (3-18 months) 


Ivy Hill Infants thrive in small groups with more teachers.  Ivy Hill teachers know that early brain development is enhanced by loving and sensitive interactions between the child and caregivers.  American sign language is taught to our infants enabling  them to communicate even before they can speak.  Teachers use sign through out the day as they talk to the children.  Sign language helps enormously to lessen a child's frustration and fussiness.  Parents are regularly updated on the signs we use with their children.


Young Toddlers (18-24 months)

Our Young Toddlers learn to work on a routine, with built-in flexibility to give them the skills to ready them for the Toddler Room. The children learn to communicate their feelings with words along with sign language. At this stage, we introduce the children to shapes, numbers, and color concepts through play.

​2-Year Old Preschool Class

Our small class is perfect for  Toddlers, it allows us to work with each child individually, to get to know each child and establishing a warm and loving relationship with each child.  We work on a routine schedule with built in flexability.  A typical fun day in the life of a Toddler includes circle time, painting/ drawing, blocks, games, songs and stories/books, snacks and outdoor time.  We encourage walking, climbing and exploring to help support their growing independence.

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Three year olds are full of joy.  They change daily,  their physicalness, cognitive, emotional and social skills  make them exciting to be around.  We challenge them with our curriculum.  Our enrichment program expands their learning opportunites.  Our computer room allows the children to use educational software to help them expand their horizons and reinforce the skills that they have learned.  The children are taught Spanish every day.  Mathmatics is taught using manipulatives. 

PreK Class

Pre-kindergarten children are between the ages of four and five years old.  These children are energetic, enthusiastic and curious.  Our program fosters children's emerging literacy skills, while still giving those beginning readers a strong opportunity to learn and grow in their skills. The children go outside twice a day.

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